The Penn State Elms Collection

Tradition. Elegance. Style.

A Photo of the Penn State elms with golden leaves in autum.
Photo Credit: Greg Grieco


A portion of the proceeds from the Penn State Elms Collection is being used by Penn State’s Office of Physical Plant to replant the campus with a wide variety of species.

The Penn State Elms Collection is a distinctive line of fine furniture and frames created from American elm trees that once graced the Penn State University Park campus. These 287 majestic and landmark elms have been a living witness to more than 100 years of Penn State history, but today they are endangered due to elm yellows disease, which threatens to eliminate the elms from campus.

Now, the Penn State elms live on in this exclusive collection featuring:

These beautiful pieces will add an elegant touch of Penn State to any home or office.

Blanket Chest with the Chocolate Stain OptionCoffee Table with the Chocolate Stain OptionEnd Table with the Natural Stain OptionStand Up Writing Desk with Chocolate Stain Option